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Tiny Houses Get You Closer to the Outdoors

The New York Times had an article about small houses in the Escapes section last week. I thought I’d link to it, but I’ll also add the links to the various sites listed in the article in case the article disappears behind the pay-wall.

The article, Think Small, mostly focuses on vacation homes. Vacation homes make great candidates for small houses (those under 750 square feet) since a larger house is going to require more upkeep. One thing you don’t want in a vacation or weekend house is doing upkeep on the house rather than enjoying yourself.

Small houses also make the land more important in comparison to the house. If you are in a small house, more time will be spent outside. And the greater tightness of the house makes the landscape all that much more important.

I have read articles about some of the small houses before, but I’m not sure where. I know I’ve read about smallish houses in Dwell. Dwell has had several articles about pre-manufactured housing, and small houses and pre-manufactured houses can easily go hand-in-hand.

I also saw a posting on Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools site about Tiny Houses, but this isn’t what I was thinking of. It was probably in a long-gone magazine.

Here are some of the sites mentioned in the article.